Encrochat and Cyber Crime

Ssubstantial knowledge of EncroChat and experience, with our criminal solicitors defending clients charged with serious cyber crime allegations.

Our technical experts are able to leverage their expertise to work with our criminal defence teams. Together, they can provide alternate avenues of defence, unmatched advice and ensure effective representation.



Cyber Crime Solicitors

Since law enforcement officials have penetrated the EncroChat communication channels, many arrests have occurred.

Newton Law solicitors in London, Birmingham and Manchester can provide unparalleled advice and criminal defence, involving cases where the prosecution is utilising EncroChat conversations as part of their submissions.

Cyber Crime Defence Lawyers

When alleged crimes are committed over the internet the evidence is often more complex and the case is usually more difficult to prove for the prosecution.

Our criminal solicitors will advise on the evidence and will actively investigate to locate the material that rebuts or undermines the prosecution case, or may point to a different individual actually being responsible.

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