Why we do it

We believe that 11,844 homeless people in Birmingham is unacceptable. This has to change.

A force for good.

Our board, our donors and volunteers believe that we can make a significant impact on the fate and face of homelessness in Birmingham.

The city has transformed beyond belief with private and public sector investment flooding in over the last decade – whilst business prospers and employment rises many of our most vulnerable individuals are ignored and isolated by homelessness.

We can change that but we can’t do it alone.



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Mission Reconnected.

We aim to give every person an opportunity of a fresh start, to provide a route out of homelessness and a chance at community reconnection and a more positive future.

We want to provide a safe and secure place you can call home because we believe every person matters.



Want to help?

Fresh start.

At Reconnected we believe strongly in the power of community and in taking action wherever we can.

We also know that the circumstances that lead to homelessness are different for every individual – that’s why we work with every person in our charge to provide proactive tailored access to everyday facilities including; benefits, banking, healthcare, employment and education.



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We are committed to changing both the perception of homelessness and to bringing about permanent improvement.