Providing a route
out of homelessness.

A chance at community  reconnection and a positive future.

Since we launched the charity in 2013, we have helped some of the most incredible people to rebuild their lives and move into long term accommodation.

We work closely with real people to get to the root cause of their situation and through support in many areas, work with them to resolve their challenges.

From broken homes, financial hardships, drug and alcohol dependancy and relationship breakdowns, we believe that stable, safe and supported housing is critical to transforming futures.

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At Reconnected we do things differently.

We don’t believe in stereotypes or labels.

Everyone we work with is unique, with their own aspirations, skills and experience. Our primary function is to provide housing, support, employability and development programme holistically tailored to individuals.

Our service delivery is designed to use compassion and human connection to bring hope and opportunities to people in difficult situations.

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Nearly 12,000* people in Birmingham are homeless  

And this is unacceptable. This has to change and we are committed to changing both the perception of homelessness and to bringing about permanent improvement.

Why we do it

Our people
make our team

Our team of experienced business and charity leaders are committed to finding a speedy and effective remedy to homelessness in our community.

About Us
There is lots to do. We need your help.

If you need help, would like to donate, fundraise or volunteer, or just want to get involved, we would love to hear from you.

*stats above taken from Shelter article here.