Police Station Attendance

Police Station Attendance & Representation

Our criminal solicitors will represent you if you have been arrested or have been asked to attend a police station, on a voluntary basis for an interview under caution. We have solicitors based in London, Manchester and Birmingham. We will make life easy by giving advise and clear explanations on how to deal with the questions in a police interview.

Police Station representation across Birmingham, London & Manchester

We understand that being arrested can be amongst the most difficult experiences of our clients’ lives. Obtaining police legal representation at the earliest opportunity following arrest can be crucial to the overall outcome of the case.

We also know that attending the police station can really be a daunting experience. It is so important to seek legal advice when you go to a police station, this is so you have someone with you who can fight your case from the outset. Make sure you are stepping off on the right foot with a legal representation.

Police Station attendance and assistance when under investigation

We provides a 24 hour emergency service for all those under arrest across Birmingham, London and Manchester. Our expert criminal lawyers will attend police stations immediately to assist when on request. It is essential that you obtain the best legal advice at an early stage as this could prevent you from being sentenced and prevent you from being convicted. Your case will always be dealt with by an experienced solicitor specialising in the type of offence you are accused of.

If you are arrested or held at a police station as a suspect, you must be cautioned and informed that you have the right to free and independent legal advice. You have the right to remain silent and should seek legal advice before you say or do anything. The approach that you take at the police station will impact upon the outcome of your case, this is the most important time to seek a legal criminal solicitor.

We can assist whether you’re considered a suspect or a witness

Ultimately the decision on any final charges is normally taken by the Public Prosecution Service and not the Police. There may also be discussions with Police or the Public Prosecution Service in relation to informal disposals, rather than a Court conviction. Regardless of your situation, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Support at Police Interviews

You should invest in a criminal lawyer at the time you get arrested and requested to participate in a police interview. This is at a time when you will be unsure what to say or how to defend yourself with police questioning.  This is a very important time to consider getting a criminal law expert to support you.

Proper Presentation for Your Bail Application

No one wants to be remanded in custody while you wait for your trial or for your criminal charges to be finalised. If you are refused bail you cannot have the application reheard before the same court. So it’s important to get it right the first time by using a criminal lawyer, they will help prepare and present your bail application properly and will focus on the issues that are required to be addressed when arguing for your case in court.

Save Stress, choose a Criminal Lawyer

Years of experience come with being a criminal lawyer, which include many different cases that have and will be worked on, which is why it is important having an expert criminal lawyer behind your back for police station attendance & representation. So get in touch with an expert today and feel protected!

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