Working with us

Are you passionate about supporting your local community? We are always seeking new partners to work with us on new and current developments. We are flexible in our approach, so if you have an idea then come and speak to us. What we will do is partner you up with the right organisation to make your vision a reality.

Business Partners

We invite businesses to speak to use about their charitable objectives. If you have an idea or wish to donate regularly to a local cause, we can work with you to identity an organisation that matches your criteria. We will facilitate meetings and support you to to develop partnerships.

There are many benefits that come with local charitable giving. Some of them are listed below:

  • Meeting your Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda and the ability to demonstrate community payback by whatever means and projects you are involved with.
  • Enhanced brand awareness and develop customer base
  • Improve reputation
  • Gain a better undertsanding of the surrounding communities in which you operate
  • Staff retention
  • Opportunity for tax relief

Donating via Reconnected

You can make a donation of money, goods or services via Reconnected. If you have choose to donate money on a regular basis, we will grant of the money to local causes via an application process. Or you may choose to donate goods or a service, we will identify the appropriate organisation which would benefit from your generous donation and gift it on your behalf. This would suit those who do not want to work on large scale projects but would like to contribute towards the sustainability of their local community. Reconnected does not take any commission or percentage of donations therefore 100% of your donation will be passed on.

Community Partners

Alongside business partners, we would like community groups, voluntary groups and charities to come and speak to us about their needs. In knowing what the community requires, we can support you by providing you with advice on grants you can apply for or we can match you up with a local donor. We ask that you are specific with your needs as this will enable us to match you up with the correct donor.

How does this benefit us?

We recognise that due to the current economic climate, many voluntary and charity organisations have found themselves facing severe cuts to their service and risk closure if funding is not sourced. As a result of this, we want to work with businesses who want to donate locally and support the development of their surrounding communities. We offer this service because we want to ensure essential services continue to be available. If you choose to work with us, we ask that we receive some recognition for our invovlement in projects and support we've offered you. We will do the same in return and promote the positive outcomes we have achieved.

to find out more about us telephone: 0121 622 6346 or email: