Reconnected was founded in 2013 following the successful development of a games room at Washington Court, a homeless hostel located just yards away from Centrick Property who funded the project. James Ackrill, Fred Duncan and Trident Reach the Charity were so impressed with the outcome, they wanted others to replicate their success, so decided to formalise their partnership by setting up a charity; Reconnected was born. By taking the lead in venture philanthropy, it is hoped this will encourage other businesses will follow suit.

Our Aim:

Reconnected aims to bridge the gap between the private and third sector organisations by promoting philanthropic giving whether is consists of donating money, goods or services. Reconnected will achieve this by matching private donors with voluntary organisations and charities who carry similar charitable objectives. This will enable new and existing services to be delivered to the community. The services will aim to reduce poverty, combat social isolation, enable a better quality of life and to create learning and job opportunties for local people. Through partnership working, together organisaions will be contributing towards the sustainability and development of local neighbourhoods.


  • To deliver a flexible service to businesses and community organisations
  • Create a database of local businesses and third sector organisations to enable the matching of partnership working
  • Work with local businesses to encourage local giving
  • Work in partnership with businesses to meet Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Support to develop new projects and services

to find out more about us telephone: 0121 622 6346 or email: